Price List

Positioning Device

Prices listed subject to change

10 Positioning Devices

packaged in a recyclable carboard box

100 Positioning Devices

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packaged as 10 WC-0010-00 boxes in a contractor friendly recyclable box


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Positioning Device

The WC-0001-00 holds typical household wires in a secure manner while standing the wire off of a stud and away from the stud faces by more than the minimum distances specified in the current electrical codes.  




16 14/2, 12/2 only NMD90 / NMB*

8 14/2 – 8/3 NMD90 / NMB*

8 14/2 – 8/2 AC90

8 Flexible Metal Conduit 3/8(12) to 1/2(16)

1 cable / conduit per gate

*Except 2 per gate NMD90 / NMB size 14/2, 12/2 only

For Positioning Only

– installed horizontally within stud walls

– for cables or conduit in vertical runs only

– not to be used as support for cables or conduits

– not installed within equipment

– not installed within 300 mm of a box, switch, or receptacle opening

Load rating;

– No Load

– Not to be subjected to vertical loads

120 oC Maximum Temperature

Indoor Use Only


Spacing of Cables

Electricity flowing in a wire/cable creates heat due to the resistance of the cable and amount of current. Proper spacing of cables is important to allow the heat generated to dissipate. Too many cables installed to close together creates a potential fire hazard. The WC-0001-00 keeps the cables spaced appropriately and allow heat to dissipate.


Protecting Cables

The WC-0001-00 protects the cables from damage during drywall installation by keeping the cables safely back and away from the stud faces.